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It doesn't matter if you're looking to fill one role, restructure a department or expand your business into new territories - you need to find the best people in the most cost-effective way. You can trust Jobs in Agriculture to take the hard work out of recruiting.
Make the most of your listings with our bolt-on services. Secure key positioning across our website so more jobseekers see and apply for your jobs. We offer a range of bespoke options, from value-focused solutions to boost your listings to tailored, digital job-viewing optimisation opportunities. 
Maximise your responses by taking advantage of our technology to fill your roles with the best people. 
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Find the product which meets your needs.

Keyword Sponsorship

Propel your job to the top of the results page when your sponsored keyword(s) are entered by the jobseeker

  • Improves your results ranking
  • Any keyword can be sponsored, including job titles and employers
  • Ideal for popular job positions
  • A cost effective seven-day solution to boost visibility



Premium Search Priority

Guarantee your vacancy appears prominently in your sector search results for the first seven days of its listing

  • Serves your role high up in your sector search results
  • Recommended when you need a quick response
  • A cost effective way to boost visibility


Ultimate Search Priority

Exclusively guarantee your vacancy is returned at the top of the job browsers’ sector search results

  • Top position guaranteed
  • Recommended when there is strong competition for a specific job role
  • A cost-effective way to boost visibility
  • Positions are sold on a first-come-first-served basis as there is only one slot available per sector


Highlighted Listing

This product is recommended when you want to stand out and ensures your vacancy achieves maximum impact

  • Grabs the attentions of our job seekers
  • Ideal when your are advertising in a busy sector with multiple similar roles
  • Highlighted status runs for seven days
  • Recommended for restricted budgets


Featured Recruiter

Increase your brand awareness by securing your position on the website homepage. This links directly through to your employer profile where all of your jobs are displayed.

  • This is an ideal opportunity for employers with multiple vacancies
  • Gives recruiters the chance to benefit from maximum impact through home page positioning
  • Creates enhanced branding opportunities
  • Position is live for seven days, improving visability in the crucial first week


Homepage MPU

Take prime position by appearing on the website homepage alongside key navigational buttons used frequently by users managing their profile

  • Solus opportunity
  • Ideal when you want to reach a targeted audience of people working within the agricultural sector
  • Drives traffic to your choice of site
  • 30 days’ exposure guaranteed
Keyword Sponsorship


Homepage Leaderboard

The Homepage Leaderboard represents a unique solus advertising position on the most prominent location of the site.

  • Recommended for brand awareness campaigns
  • Ideal when you want to reach a unique audience of people working within agriculture
  • Links to your choice of site
  • 7-day solus position, price is negotiable for a longer tenancy

Recruiter listing portal

Whether you have multiple roles to list, or intend to regularly advertise with Jobs in Agriculture, this bolt-on can prove lucrative. Gain unique access to input, manage and track your vacancies whilst taking advantage of features that can provide cost-savings.

  • Recommended for recruitment agencies and other high volume recruiters
  • Package includes the opportunity to list between five and 100 job vacancies each month
  • Includes ‘Featured Recruiter’ slot on the homepage 
  • Gain unlimited access to a customised vacancy management and reporting suite for amends and performance statistics
Keyword Sponsorship


Listings Skyscraper

Raise brand awareness and direct traffic to your employer profile with this prominent position in job listings

  • Prime position on the listings page
  • Extensive visibility with 30 days’ exposure guaranteed
  • Recommended for clients aiming to raise brand awareness
Keyword Sponsorship


Job Of The Week

Secure the optimum position on the website by appearing alongside the main job listing navigation, in addition to the listings

  • Home page solus position
  • Seven days of exposure
  • Prime location
  • Limited availability
Keyword Sponsorship